Efficacy of homeopathy against western medicines

Historical context The concept of "like cures like" may have been suggested by Hippocrates around BC, when he prescribed a small dose of mandrake root to treat mania, knowing it produces mania in much larger doses. The term "homeopathy" was coined by Hahnemann and first appeared in print in

Efficacy of homeopathy against western medicines

If I can be more clear: Of course, one has to allow a little room for evidence that is at first superficially attractive, but on consideration is faulted.

That can be forgiven. There are a numerous things that are more difficult to forgive, such as continuing to pick fault even when your stipulations have been fulfilled, fixing the trial or results in your own favour, or the prior determination that one will only be convinced when Hell freezes over or whatever a pseudo-skepo freezes over on the these occasions.

David Colquhoun on August 22, at The fact that this has not happened, and that most homeopaths are unwilling to do it, suggests to me that they know, in their heart of hearts, that the test would be failed.

The big homeopathic companies have plenty of money to do proper tests, and so end the arguments, and make even more money than they already do. Have you neve asked yourself why the big business people in homeopathy Boiron, Weleda etc are so reluctant to test what they sell?

It is not so in all blogs of this faction, sad to say. I have already felt like a spectre at the feast, disturbing the peaceful calm of those who come to relax and swap anecdotes in the company of like-minded friends.

I suppose we who are sceptical of the conventional knowledge of the age will come and go, but I hope we may pass the time in fruitful discussion, and perhaps advance a little in some way. From time to time I have proposed suggestions about what might be better. It would be to the benefit of all.

Often they continue to plead poverty. Very often the CAM sector has small, insecure outfits, without the backing of huge moolah available to the competition. The shareholders would not be pleased.

That would be like over-reacting to reports of the odd few deaths from the cox-1 component of a cox-2 ACE inhibitor, or psychoses induced by a chinchona extract analogue designed to combat P. And I am constantly disappointed by the existence of enthusiastic reports of the latest miracle product in what are really marketing zines.

But that would be to ignore a swathe of reasonably well-conducted research in the more respectable CAM journals yes, we might disagree on that one. One could make similar observations about the conventional sector, if one could be bothered, especially prior to the Lancet decision to force registration of tests.

I wonder where the loopholes are in that? I can think of a way. How carefully do they quantise undesirable effects in a population, for example. More on the subject of credible proof, as the Americans say, momentarily. I was following the comments on acupuncture, of course, but since your thoughts have strayed to homeopathy, I am happy to pick that up as well.

We can cover the other points later. In defence of homeopathy by Jeanette Winterson http: Four hours later I have no symptoms whatsoever. I shall try not to criticise BenGoldacre to too deeply in his absense?

This blog is mostly irrelevant. Somewhat irreverent. Read it with a pinch of salt.

But he does try hard. Conversely, well, not everyone has faith in the gold standard. Is it a startlingly worthwhile piece of science for funding?

Is this a real test of homeopathy as a therapy? Are we looking at self-limiting, treatable, or undergoing treatmentcurable, incurable or delusional cases?

And why does that matter? Perhaps follow up a bit better. And perhaps at least carefully define the placebo? And be precise about protocols, the environment, contamination.

Efficacy of homeopathy against western medicines

What would be the effect on the sample of knowing placebos were involved? On a darker point, how might one obviate fraud? Are there any holes for the underhanded financial giants of homeopathic pharmacy to exploit? I might observe that his kind of trial goes on constantly, in any case.

Dudeistan on August 22, at Such tests would not establish why it works, simply that it does.Many medical doctors advise against vaccines. Many doctors who have been reared on vaccines now advise against them so why should I as a parent vaccinate?

Chronic pain becomes more common as people grow older, at least in part because health problems that can cause pain, such as osteoarthritis, become more . I shall copy the therapy I have pioneered and prescribed to patients who suffer from FISTULA, FISSURE AND ABSCESS of the Anus.

The majority of those who have used my therapy aka “Joepathy” have confirmed that they have benefitted from this therapy and .

A double-blind, randomized, saline-controlled study of the efficacy and safety of co-administered intra-articular injections of Tr14 and Ze14 for treatment of painful osteoarthritis of the knee: The MOZArT trial.

Back in I wrote about a therapy popular with alternative practitioners called prolotherapy. I try to check in from time to time to see if there is any new evidence for the treatments I consider, and in doing so I did find some new evidence.

Introduction. Osteoarthritis of the knee is a prevalent and painful condition increasing with age. The aim of this, the first well-controlled randomized controlled trial, was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of co-administered Traumeel 1 (Tr14) and Zeel 1 (Ze14) in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) experiencing moderate-to-severe pain.

Efficacy of homeopathy against western medicines
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